Drug Of Heart

AHH! To be on the road again! We’re on our way to Pori to do a gig tonight at Pori Jazz festival.

I‘ve just finished a song that goes by the same working title as this blog post. A song that tries to describe the tricky, overwhelming and all consuming relationship between Yours Truly and the craft of making music.

It’s been almost six months since the last blogpost and during that time it hasn’t been much else than writing new songs. We’ve written a lot. I can’t count how many (since I ain’t good with math;). It’s still uncertain which songs will make the cut to the album, and the chances are you won’t ever get to hear the song that goes by the name ‘Drug of Heart’.

So yes, the album is pretty much all we’ve been doing. And it hasn’t been all that easy.

We’ve had to witness burn outs, break ups and fall outs during the last months.

Album making takes its toll. It’s time consuming and money consuming stuff which fills your life and leaves a little space for other people in your world, if none.

On the other hand, the ups and downs give you a plenty of fuel for the songwriting.

The fourth album will be so personal it gives me the creeps. Words from break out letters, lovelines, silent thoughts of diaries. At the moment we’re exhausted of creating the new but I love the material everybody’s been writing. As I’ve seen a friend struggling and afterwards he comes up to me with a song, it’s almost a sacred moment to get your hands on it.

And when doing the album, no matter how badly you’d like to go on a tour it just isn’t a wise move. So we’re dying to get on the gigs but since the situation we’re in we still have to wait some time to be able to tour again especially outside Finland. And that leads me to you. Honestly, the whole last year and especially the sold out november tour we did in Germany, Austria and Switzerland haunts in my mind on a daily basis The hospitality and the level of devotion you guys have is something so humbling. So to answer the most asked question: Yes. We do miss you. We’ve met quite many of you in Finland after the tour and it has always been an unexpected but nice surprise!

Nevertheless, I don’t like this vibe of nostalgia I many times get trapped into. It’s nice to think about the past but it needs to be the fuel to do great things in the future.

By now you’ve all realized we’re not that big of a band, but we dream big and work for the dreams we have. We’ve met so many people and received loads of messages telling how empowering the special moments of ‘building the house’ together are, and therefore we can’t stop here.

IMG_5470 IMG_5476 IMG_5477

So here we are, in this nice little ‘bus’ of ours, ready to give the jazz festival the touch of ’the 11’ it needs. Tonight we’re playing a couple of new songs for the very first time and everybody’s excited! The album is almost recorded and though it still has to make a quite a trip to make it all the way into your hands it feels great to see and hear it come to live on the stage tonight at least a little bit.

It’s the drug of my heart babies!

Take care now,