It’s time to update the status.

Hey all,

Hope you’ve had a great easter holiday!

We’ve been laying low for a few days now as well, so I thought I’ll give you a little status update, since the spring is just around the corner and all.

First things first: The record is coming along great and just recently we’ve been working the tracks with a new producer guy who’s basically the hottest shit in Finland (after this record perhaps in the whole Europe=) to put things politely. It’s been really refreshing and exciting, all of us are super psyched to be working with him!

When we started working on the songs for this album we never realised it would take this long to get the album done but now it really starts to feel we have the songs we need and we’re ready for the final stretch! And god it feels goood!

It’s time to update the status.

Have no idea why I’m blushing and why Heikki isn’t playing but is on Facebook. Here’s also Jurek, the producerwizzard guy!

Things never go as planned and I have no real reason why it’s been taking longer we expected. It’s been pretty hard at times, to be honest. The hardest process so far, challenging but rewarding.

As I’ve written on many occasions, we don’t want to push this, it’s a super important record we’re making here, and we want to give it our best effort, and it can’t be forced. It sometimes takes time to get that relaxed feel to everything creative you do, and Now we feel we’re in THAT place. And it feels sooo goood!

This will affect to the music we’ve been doing and I bet you’ll be surprised to hear what My First Band sounds like when you get your hands on the new material! I mean, we’ve got some tracks that make us go like

YES F#”€/&”(#/&CK THIS IS THE F#24378549873IN SHI2098T!!!

In other words: Great.


Still continuing on the important issues. Every single time we get to meet you guys in whatever situation this is the first question that pops up: How about some gigs??????? When we’ll see each other again?? I don’t blame you, it’s the question I always present to the bands I love (well in my head but still=D).

We, My First Band, still won’t be making any gigs for the next 6 months or so.

Why, you ask? Because of the album being still in progress. During this spring/summer we’ll finish the recordings and we want to focus on that.

We want to play new songs, and therefore it’s all about making them first, then coming back on the stages and presenting them to you. This is pretty normal rotation for any band I’m familiar with and we’re following this road as well.

I think the decision to try to do as much gigs as possible, and the album at the same time would be a poor one. In the end you’d get a burned out band sick of their old stuff and a mediocre new album full of weird stuff which isn’t truly approved by the band. This was a tough decision, since we’d love to play shows to you but this is how we’ll do it. The next shows come alongside the next single and album releases.

But since we’re musicians and playing music is what we do for a living some of us got “summerjobs” so to speak. Some of you spotted Mikko and Juho behind theire ex-PMMP -pal Paula Vesala last week, and Heikki K’s been doing gigs with other acts as well.

And since we got eyes and ears in every corner of the internet we heard this got some of you questioning the very existence of My First Band.

Do not be afraid.

We’re Not quitting, not a chance.

There will be no personnel changes, you’re stuck with us!

We’ve worked so long and hard to get to the place where we’re now, it would be mad to just stop everything! We wanna go further. A lot further.

So the guys satisfy their music-playing and bills-paying needs playing some shows with other acts while MFB’s not active live. As Juho put it nicely: “play gigs during the night, do the record during the day.” =D

MFB is the band for me, so I’ll focus fully on the record and in the meantime try to run as far as I can (I’m really gotten into that marathon-thingy u know). Heikki P will be with me but he’s more of a gym guy, so I got the speed, he’s got the muscles.

Well this got a bit weird and sidetracked so I’ll sign off now.

So darlings,

We’re here, pushing forward, missing you, loving what we do,




An important accessory for every recording studio. A sign that says politely “This is Bullshit!”. We’ve needed it many times. Love it!