Are you there?

Hey peeps,

Antti here, still ill. So as I’m sniffing and sneezing at my house with a cup of salami tea, I had this spur-of-a-moment idea to write something that’s been on my mind lately: Appreance and social behaviour, especially in social media.

Us finns are usually pretty shy by nature, in some ways at least, and I sometimes get the vibe you fans would like to see more posts, instapics, videohellos etc. from us. You may be thinking: “The guys have all the social channels, instagrams etc. to share stuff, so why being so silent? I bet they’re writing songs, recording stuff hanging out, having a party, so why they don’t let us more in?”

To be honest, most of the week is usually so boring or busy as hell I can’t see how anyone would love to see more of us posting pics of salami tea or grabbing a quick lunch.=D
But being super active in the Facebook etc. is of course something most of the young artists and bands nowadays do. But it wasn’t always like that. Back in the day, you’d see an interview on a magazine of the artist you love, buy the album, listen to it a million times while reading the booklet and deep scanning all of the booklet’s photos. After that, maybe a live concert, but after that?

A total radio silence from the artist’s end.

Why? Because He/She/they were busy creating something new, something that hasn’t been there before, something that would blow your mind again and because there wasn’t no internet shouting “Share something with us!” on the same screen where you’re creating that something new. So as a fan you’d have to wait for it, since creating mind blowing new worlds can’t be created just like that. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes it would take years. But us fans, we would wait without hearing or seeing any glimpse from our Artist until after a long wait something would happen.

And when the day finally came, GOD I TELL YOU HOW GOOD THE WAIT FELT AT THAT POINT!

And this is the reason why we’re not telling you all the time what we’re doing, or how’s that song coming along. We believe there’s something great the way old world worked. If we let you see glimpses of how the songs are coming together and post drafts of the different lyrics versions, the day you get your hands on the album will be fun, but not mind blowing. And fun is boring, mind blowing sounds MUCH more fun, eh?=D

Of course this makes the wait for you much worse as it does to us. We can see how things are slowly coming together, and you just have to take our word for it.

I can hear now someone from the back row saying: “But hey, that was the old days, the world has changed, you now have to interact with the people you make music to”. That’s a great point and interacting IS fun. But it feels right and good when there’s new music’s out, or gigs and tours, interviews etc. going on. We’re not THAT old fashioned.=)

So this is only an issue when the bands or artists are in the middle of making new music. The second we start to release something, go to tour, reherse for it etc. etc. do something that’s worth the while we go on a posting spree, as you saw back in the Corazon era.

The salami tea is done, better get me another cup.

Wishing you all a great week, with loads of love!